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MICROPHASE COATINGS, INC provides high performance specialty coatings for government, industrial, and consumer markets. These coatings employ breakthrough technologies to meet unique and highly stressful requirements, such as our icephobic or ice shedding coating for the B-2 Bomber. MICROPHASE COATINGS, INC has consistently delivered high quality products and service, as evidenced by performance on repeat military contracts and products that have been qualified for use in multiple industries.

Research & Development of MICROPHASE COATINGS, INC.
Our research and development facility in Wake County, North Carolina is located near North Carolina State University (NCSU) and the Research Triangle Park. MICROPHASE COATINGS, INC has a long-standing relationship with NCSU, enabling the use of their sophisticated laboratory capabilities.

William (Trey) Simendinger, P.hD - CEO / CTO
Dave Garrett - Director of Manufacturing and Quality Control
Shawn Miller - Senior Application Engineer
Bruce McCampbell - Regional Sales Manager, South East
Randy Edwards - Senior Account Executive, Major Accounts
George Smith - Senior Account Executive, Mid Atlantic & North East
Pat Phillips - General Manager of SNP Manufacturing

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Specializing in Hydrophobic, Super Hydrophobic, Icephobic, Thermal Barrier, Foul Release, Non-Fouling, Anti-Corrosion, Anti-icing, Non-Stick, Poly-Urea, Silane, Silicone, Polysiloxane, Epoxy and other specialty coatings and products.

Products include: PhaseBrite, PhaseBreak, Correz, CorrBlock, ThermaBlock.