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Anti-Corrosive Protective Coatings:

Correz™ includes a range of coatings (Correz™ AC, Correz™ Flex, Correz™ Primer, Correz™ Marine Primer) designed to provide protection of metal surfaces in highly corrosive environments. Correz™ has superior performance in three important areas:

  • It is resistant to acids, caustic sodas, and petroleum products
  • It provides a barrier against moisture penetration
  • It is easily applied and adheres over a wide range of surfaces.

Corrblock™ (CorrBlock™ CWS) has been especially formulated to be applied to surfaces that are at temperatures as low as 33°F and are wet with condensation. The coating cures to a uniformly hard slick finish that is tightly bonded to the substrate.

MICROPHASE COATINGS, INC's Anti-Corrosive Protective Coatings provide anti-corrosion and physical protection for:

  • Tank Liners and Piping
  • Rail Cars
  • Ship Tanks and Spaces
  • Cooling Towers
  • Cement Floors
  • Containers

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Products include: PhaseBrite, PhaseBreak, Correz, CorrBlock, ThermaBlock.