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Antiicing / Anti-Icing Solutions:

Ice forming on structures can pose maintenance, safety, and efficiency issues resulting in high cost and damages. An example is the B-2 Stealth Bomber, which has experienced a problem with icing of engine inlets. When ice forms and is ingested in the engine, damage occurs.

Microphase Coating, Inc responded to an Air Force solicitation for new technology solutions and was awarded a contract with the Air Force Research Lab to adapt coating technologies for a B-2 solution. After proving the feasibility of an ice-phobic coating, MICROPHASE COATINGS, INC was awarded a second contract to fully develop and qualify the coating for fleet use.

Microphase Coating, Inc brought a number of new materials together to create a coating that not only solves the icing problem, but also meets other challenging requirements: e.g., low observable, high speed erosion resistance, fluid resistance, renewable and high adhesion to substrates.

Our “ice-phobic” / "icephobic" technology integrates unique epoxy polymers, silicate mesh, and new melt-point-depressants. The technology is applicable to UAV structures, wind energy turbines, antennas and various cold weather uses.

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Products include: PhaseBrite, PhaseBreak, Correz, CorrBlock, ThermaBlock.