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PhaseCoat UFR is a foul release coating designed for out drives, trim tabs and props. Marine organisms, such as barnacles or sea grass are unable to adhere tightly and can easily be manually cleaned. Manual cleaning is required every 3-4 weeks during the fouling season. It is relatively hard, durable coating that is easy to apply on cleaned and primed metal or over existing coatings. PhaseCoat UFR is environmentally friendly, containing no copper or biocides, and with low VOC's.

PhaseCoat Bare Bottom is a copper and biocide free, non-fouling coating that is suitable for use on hulls, transoms, and out drives. The coating is a unique combination of hydrophilic / hydrophobic modified siloxane combined with an epoxy resin. The modified siloxane aids in the formation of a slick film on the surface of the coating that inhibits the settlement of marine larval organisms. Unlike many marine bottom coatings, PhaseCoat Bare Bottom can be hauled and re-launched without a loss in performance of the coating.

PhaseCoat Bare Bottom is applicable on virtually any surface where fouling protection is desired and because it is non conductive and doesn't corrode aluminum, it is a good out-drive coating where traditional antifouling coatings are unsuitable. All metal surfaces require proper cleaning and priming before application of PhaseCoat Bare Bottom.

PhaseCoat Bare Bottom is durable and withstands the rigor of hard, fast use. It will not peel off from ice, floating debris or docking operations. PhaseCoat Bare Bottom is VOC compliant and is safe and easy to apply by roller, brush or sprayer. When dry, the coating develops a smoother finish than traditional copper antifouling coatings. This translates into a reduction in friction, more speed and better fuel economy.

Traditional non-fouling bottom paints contain deadly metals, namely copper in the form of cuprous oxide which inhibits the growth of organics on the bottom of a boat. While these coatings do work, they are designed to be ablative and wear off over time, releasing copper into the fragile marine environment. Studies have shown that in some boatyards and marinas, there is over 10 times the EPA standard of copper in the marine basin. Copper has an extremely negative impact on marine life, primarily shellfish and invertebrates. Due to these issues, several countries along with several states have enacted legislation to restrict or contain the use of copper non-fouling bottom paints.

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