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Testimonials from the MICROPHASE COATINGS, INC Customers
The Microphase Coatings have been met with great success. Below you will find customer photos, videos and testimonials. Take a look at the beautiful job on these magnificent boats.

Customer Testimonials:

Coming Soon!

If you have a picture, video or testimonial to share with us and / or our internet viewers please email them to webmaster@microphasecoatings.com.

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Specializing in Hydrophobic, Super Hydrophobic, Icephobic, Thermal Barrier, Foul Release, Non-Fouling, Anti-Corrosion, Anti-icing, Non-Stick, Poly-Urea, Silane, Silicone, Polysiloxane, Epoxy and other specialty coatings and products.

Products include: PhaseBrite, PhaseBreak, Correz, CorrBlock, ThermaBlock.